Kris Koffee Beauty

Scalp Soother

Description -Packed with antioxidants and enzymes to repair dead skin cells on scalp, hydrate hair & scalp promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. This little bottle is perfect to use on protective styles such as crochet, sew ins, updos, and much more. Give your hair and scalp the care it needs with these daily drops to give your hair the best care while its in its protective style. 
Directions - Add drops through out the scalp as needed daily and massage into scalp. Remember a little goes a long way. Do not rinse. 
Ingredients :
Aloe Vera juice
meadowfoam seed oil
peppermint oil
lavendar oil
natural fragrance
natural perservative
Disclaimer: Please be aware that our products are made with natural ingredients. As a result, during high temperatures, some products may liguify and oils may separate. This is normal and has no reflection on the quality of the product. Should this happen just store product in a cool place for a couple of hours to allow it to return to its normal consistency and it will work the same.

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