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      Multiple textures in one home? Learn how to work with each texture of hair because as we all know one thing doesn't work for every head of hair. 
      This class is for anyone that is multicultural or parents children of another race or mixed race. Natural Hair stylist, Kris Koffee, will teach you the following to help make hair day a breeze.
  • Wash Day - Learn proper detangling techniques, best shampoo practices and products, and helpful treatments and regimens to follow.
  • Style - Tired of going through products that just don't work? Learn what products to use and how to use them. Learn how to make styling a breeze by using the proper tools and techniques.
  • Hands-On Training - You will get hands on teaching on how to do easy D I Y styles at home such as twist, flat twist, and protective styling. Your child will also learn how to properly maintain  their hair no matter the age. From moisturizing, wearing their hair scarf, and how to love their hair no matter the texture or style.
      Parents get the relief, education, and hands on information about caring for you or your child's hair and finally put an end to the wash day tears, brutal agony of detangling, and complete frustration with trying to figure out how to make your hair care day better. 
      There will also be a Q & A segment that will allow you to get an answer to any question you may have or to just be shown how to do a particular style.